「地球核心是中空的,有一個太陽,那裏住著一些人,還有地表絕跡的動物、中國傳說中的龍,都生活在地心,那裏保持在 25℃ 的恆溫狀態 ………」個案 V 描述著地心文明 -- 古老的列穆里亞 (Lemuria) 世界。

  “The core of the earth is hollow, with a sun and some people living there. Animals who vanished from the ground and dragons in Chinese legends all live in the geocenter, where it has a constant temperature of 25℃…… “ Client V described the geocentric civilization - - the ancient world of Lemuria.


V was the first case who had the identity of an earth human among my clients. This opportunity fallen from the sky helped with my wish to reach a deeper understanding on the geocenter, and my fear to disturb the peace of the geocentric civilization. We did not have too many preconceived ideas, but significant messages came out of the conversation.

「我小時候看到魚缸裏的魚、看到海,就本能的知道海底的下面有一個世界。」V 接著說:「他們擁有的肉體已經可以隱身了,而且不會朽壞。並且仍然維持某些生活制度,像是結婚生子、教育 ……… 都有,還有花園提供工作。」

 “In my childhood, when I saw fish in the fishtank and saw the sea, I knew instinctively that there was a world under the sea.”V continued: “The body they have can already be invisible, and it would not decay. Some systems are still being kept, like marriage, having children, education……, and there are gardens to provide work. ”


Me: If the body is immortal, how do you take birth?

V:投生來地表,只帶著意識投生。(地表) 有很多、大部份都是列穆里亞人轉世來的,不是亞特蘭提斯,他們搞錯了。

V: Taking birth on the ground with only the consciousness. There are many (on the ground), and most of them are Lemurians reincarnated, not Atlantis, they were mistaken.


Me: I believe it, but we cannot tell the difference anymore.

V:其實他們 (列穆里亞、亞特蘭提斯) 自己也分不清楚,因為這是一個定則,不會讓他們知道。

每一個人都可以到地心去看,他們 (列穆里亞) 也歡迎我們去,但是有一些守則要遵循:愛心頻率必須要達到標準。能夠到地心的人有限,他們所達到的密度不是我們所能想像,是一個純愛的頻率,你必須要能夠愛你的敵人,這不容易,但是如果你達到了,他們 (列穆里亞) 會自動找你。

V: Actually they (Lemuria, Atlantis) cannot tell the difference themselves, because it’s a rule to not let them know.

Everybody can go and visit the geocenter, they (Lemuria) also welcome us there, but there are certain rules to follow: the frequency of love must reach some standard. The number of people who can reach the geocenter is limited, and the density they have reached is unimaginable, it’s a frequency of pure love. You have to be able to love your enemies, which is not easy, but if you have reached it, they (Lemuria) would come to you automatically.


Me: Why do they come here?


V: The reason of taking birth on the ground for some people is that they have done something wrong, and they come to erase the karma. Even so, their frequency is still above human beings on the ground, and their ideals and power of love are also higher than ground humans, that’s why they can affect people around them in less time; some people came with a plan, when the time comes, they would awaken themselves.


Me: Which dimension is the geocentric world?




V: The fifth dimension.

The geocenter is actually very eager to meet officially with the ground world soon, but now it’s not the time yet, just like the ufo incidents. Only when governments disclose the extraterrestrial files and let the people accept the existence of extraterrestrial beings without the fear of high civilizations, can the geocentric people appear. Lemuria considers ground humans as brothers and sisters, and they look forward to meeting their family members. We are one family, but many people don’t know this.

Ground humans are too arrogant and egoistic, who consider themselves to be the greatest and even want to launch nuclear weapons, without believing in other more advanced worlds which are better than us.


Me: The form of life in the geocentric civilization is?


他們會開發出最好的樹、水果、菜、建築 ……… 如果在自己的崗位已經創造得盡善盡美,就朝往不同的領域繼續創造。娛樂、跳舞、唱歌、也是在發揮創造力,在創造與體驗當中獲得快樂。

有些人也在集會、祭司場所 (金字塔修行淨地,相當於教堂) 靜思,從事指導者;也有從事兒童教育,教育題材比較富創造性、啟發性,能夠促進覺醒。



其實知道這些,不見得有太多好處,時間到了,自然會知道。如果地表人類想要達到比現階段更好的生活方式,現在就可以開始冥想,冥想希望達到的境界;但是如果還留戀這個密度,那就會停留在這個密度,所以這透露著一個訊息:不同的生命體存在,重點不是靠什麼維生、什麼樣的組織、生活型態 ……… 當意識到有更好的生活方式,會有個嚮往讓我們依尋、實現。

V: The world of Lemuria is pure love and helping each other. Knowing and honoring the Creator through creative power of the mind.

They would develop the best trees, fruits, vegetables, architecture… … If they have created perfection in their own position, they continue to create towards the other fields. Entertainment, dancing and singing is also unleashing the creative power, and happiness is gained in creating and experiencing.

Some people also meditate in the places for assembly and priests (pyramid shaped pure places for spiritual practice, equivalent to churches), some work as instructors and some in education of children. Subjects on education are more creative and inspiring, and they can advance the awakening process.

The houses Lemurians live in are almost round-shaped, and the temples for assembly are close to the pyramid shape; Atlantis was the opposite, living in the pyramid shaped buildings and their temples for assembly are almost round-shaped.

The geocentric animals can talk, but they can just communicate through telepathy, even with different densities, they can perceive the thoughts of human beings and also of each other, so there are no secrets there and they live in a transparent state; language is almost not needed, and only for the communication with ground humans, but the geocentric humans have a different state of mind due to different density.

Actually it’s not necessarily good to know about these, and you would know when the time comes. If ground humans want to reach the way of life that is better than the present stage, they can start meditating now, on the state they want to reach; but if they are still attached to this density, they would stay on this density. Therefore a message is revealed here: the point of existence for different beings is not what they rely on for survival, or the organizations and forms of life they have… … when we realize there is a better way of life, there would be a longing for us to follow and achieve it.


Me: One rule we can follow here is: the food culture of the geocentric world.




V: Vegetables and fruits. The geocentric civilization is a completely vegan civilization, and the animals are also vegans. In here, animals are friends of the human beings.

In this age and at this point in time, we cannot go with the flow and indulge ourselves anymore. We have tried to learn to be tolerant before, but this moment is not like this. When you are faced with pressure, you need to bear it for a while, and when your abilities are developed, you would be more and more able to go unto the next goal. But the more you feel hesitated and emotionally out of control on your next objective, the further your qualification would be.

Emotion is the first subject to be learned in the third dimension.


Me: So what we should do is reverse thinking.





V: Any event that causes fear, you turn it around and replace it with love. Fear is the first energy we have to deal with, when your frequency is full of love, your density would not belong here anymore and there would be no more rights and wrongs in your environment naturally. Because your are elevated to a higher frequency, the mind would be purified more and more, even if you come in contact with the negative situation, it would be transformed naturally.

So, when you see all the negative things on newspapers, magazines and tv, learn not to immerse yourself in it and be assimilated, but to transform it and produce more specific thoughts. When you have more love, fear would disappear gradually. When you are more practiced, you would not encounter any fearful event at all, and all very naturally, your frequency would not communicate with the negative side anymore.

Everyone needs to evolve and learn gradually, you should forgive yourself in the process of learning, but keep your vigilance; stabilize your emotions, and you would be more peaceful, create a peaceful life, and help people at the present moment. When people see how you can be so stable and untouched, he would change himself, and that’s how you help that person. This is enough, and it’s what the world needs right now, helping yourself.

Government policy is the collective karma of the people, and it reflects the collective consciousness of the general public. If the energy of verbal abuse is more and more concentrated like this, the situation would get worse due to the projection of too much negative energy. We need more awakened collective consciousness to meditate, and to focus on the goal we want to achieve. Express and work out your positive thoughts, and focus the energy of thinking on the positive thoughts, so the situation would react to what we want it to be.


Me: Positive thinking is really important, and it’s not easy to understand that it really controls everything, unless you reach some level of frequency.


V: Yes. But the emotions have to be adjusted first, and emotion is the first barrier. The people who took birth with a plan usually would not have an easy life.

V  透露,兩千年前的人類世界就已經有一個可以晉昇到第四密度的機會,當時的耶穌,宣揚著愛自己敵人的理念,其實就已經在為人類帶來最終的救贖,帶領世人走向更高頻率的大愛境界,目前正經歷兩千年前的轉變。

V has revealed that the human world already had an opportunity to be elevated to the 4th dimension two thousand years ago. Jesus at that time promoted the concept of Love Your Enemies, and he was already bringing the last redemption to humans and leading the world towards the realm of great love at a higher frequency. Now we are going through the transformation same as two thousand years ago.

地球的生力軍,傳說中的古老民族 -- 列穆里亞回來了。

 Fresh troops of the earth, the ancient nation from the legends - - Lemuria is back.



What will be the food of the future? ”

“Fruit and grans. Time will come when meat will no longer be eaten. Medical science is only in its infancy, yet it has shown that OUR NATURAL DIET IS THAT WHICH GROWS OUT OF THE GROUND. The people gradually develop up to the condition of this natual food.”


 Abdu’I-Baha: The days in the Light of ‘Akka, 1979, pages 8-9




--  巴哈伊教

 阿博都 . 巴哈



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